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The History of Steve Ott Racing

Here are a few pictures of cars Steve has driven through his racing career.  Starting with his Street Stock and the different Modified paint schemes Steve has had.

Street Stock that Steve drove.  Steve along with his Dad Randy and his Brother Jesse all raced against each other in the street stock series at Gas City I69 Speedway.


The First modified Paint Scheme.
This Picture was taken after his heat race win @ Gas City Speedway in 2002.


Ott Modified 2003.
This Picture was taken @ Kamp Motor Speedway after He won the Feature Event in 2003.


Ott Modified 2005.
This was taken at Gas City Speedway after his win on 5/27/05.  In this picture is His Lovely Wife Tanya & Beautiful daughter Trinity.  Along with his dad Randy, Mother Vida, Uncle Gary, Cousin Brad, and other family members and friends


Getting Air @ Gas City Speedway
picture by Larry Kellogg track photographer

Steve and the 2006 Bob Pierce Chassis

Ott Modified 2004.
This Picture was taken @ Gas City Speedway after his Feature win there, almost the Whole Family was in town for this win in 2004.


Another Picture from the 2005 Modified Season, win at Gas City Speedway on 6/24/05, but this would have to be my Favorite Picture of All.  It is Steve w/ Trinity and Sinjin


Awesome Sunset @ Gas City Speedway
picture by Larry Kellogg track photographer

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